Spandex Force: Champion Rising Reviews

So, my newest game Spandex Force: Champion Rising is out and while it hasn’t made an impact on the gaming scene in general, there are a few noteworthy articles and reviews:

IndieGameMag reviewed the game in the latest magazine, and also mentioned it in this article:

AndroGaming had an article about the Android version of the game:

Mouse ‘n Joypad reviewed the game:

It was previewed on YouTube by Tomass as well:

Another review on Indie Alt Repeat:

And one more review on Indie Love:

All in all, the reviews have praised the cynical wit, the theme and the concept itself. The gameplay has been hit-or-miss, but that’s actually expected as it does attempt to appeal to both casual and core gamers without committing to either group. But the most surprising thing for me so far is the general critique of the art! To be honest I thought the game looked pretty nice for what it is – a simple 2D puzzle RPG. But I guess one must live and learn.

A more thorough post mortem will follow, and there are more articles and reviews coming up…and the game will appear on a few distribution portals as well shortly. Not to mention that an iOS and Mac version is in the works too. Despite that, I’ve already started looking ahead at my next project – but so far the only concrete idea is a TV production simulation game, where you have to manage egotistical actors and cut soul-selling deals with bloodthirsty networks. We’ll see if anything comes out of that!

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