Spandex Force: Champion Rising in IndieRoyale Bundle

Haven’t gotten yourself a copy of the superhero puzzle RPG Spandex Force: Champion Rising yet? If not, get your rear end over to! Except for my game, you’ll also get these games for a ridiculously low price:

  • Doorways
  • Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages
  • Famaze
  • Restaurant Empire II
  • Knights and Merchants
  • Finding Teddy
  • Turba
  • Don’t Move

I don’t really approve of this race to the bottom for indie / casual game prices. But there’s no denying that my Desura sales have…well…increased quite dramatically as a consequence of this. So I’m a happy camper. The revenue I get from this bundle will go towards things like financing a Steam Greenlight submission, making concept art for my next project, and give a much-needed boost in general.

Spandex Force: Champion Rising isn’t the worst-performing of my games, but it’s by far not the best either – so I’m happy to see that the bundle gave it a bit of a boost. I’m slowly writing a more thorough post mortem for the project, but I’m waiting to see how it’s performed in a few portals before I say anything definitely.

But enough of that. Go buy the bundle!

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