Lobster Violence and Sex

August 21st, 2008

I can’t be arsed to read this thesis, but it’s got the best title ever!

Sex and violence in lobsters - a smelly business

Apparently lobsters pee in each others’ faces, fight, and generally behave like dirty bastards. They’d fit right in this Saturday when there’s a ginormous party. I couldn’t find a good picture of drunken debauchery to emphasise the last sentence, so here’s a dead rabbit instead:

West Coast Riot

June 28th, 2008

So, I’ve been to West Coast Riot – a nice little one-day punk festival in Gothenburg, Sweden. After some initial hesitation me and Sophie finally got our rear ends off there. And boy, am I happy we did! I may not have passed the magical age of 30 yet, but I still feel like quoting Danny Glover now and then. “Getting too old for this excrement,” you know. I was a little sore afterwards, but – apparently – I’m not too old for some good ol’-fashioned punk! Let’s see if I have some ridiculously small pictures I can tease you with:

Flogging Molly kicks quite a bit of behind.

Bad Religion kicks even more backside.

NOFX kicks immense amounts of ass. Here’s the illustrious El Hefe…

…And Fat Mike as well. As you can see from the pictures, with each band I got progressively closer to the stage. For NOFX there was no question about it: of course I’d be thrashing up front.

There was a bit of a crowd. Nothing spectacular, but apparently 10800 people attended the show according to WCR’s homepage. Not bad!

One of the coolest aspects of the festival was that I received an e-mail from an old high school friend a few weeks ago. We hadn’t spoken to each other for five years, and all of the sudden I get this e-mail saying “Hey, I read on your blog that you’re going to West Coast Riot! Me too; let’s meet up!”

Sweet mother of fuck – this bloggin’ thing is actually doing some good. Thanks for an excellent time, Rangou!

Edit: On popular demand I’m adding a pic of myself as well. I know, I know – my eyes are all puffy and tired. Told you I’m getting old!